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Exploring relationships in digitalized and automated world


We face increased influence of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality and Internet of Things technology on marketing. In order to stay relevant, marketers need to develop their strategic perspective, and customers need to increase their understanding of benefits and threads of digital technology. Academic research should stay up to date with those challenges and ask questions that need to be addressed regarding perspectives of consumers, companies, non-profit organizations and policy makers. 

This calls for pro-active approach to research gaps, fields of interests and methods. Therefore, the Paper Development CID Group Seminar invites authors who would like to publish their papers in Special Issue of Oeconomia Copernicana Journal focused on relationships in digitalized and automated world, but seek for advice, guidance, feedback and expertise in the development of their manuscript for between submission. We invite papers contributing to knowledge and practice related to new technologies in B2C and B2B relationships. We welcome empirical (qualitative and quantitative) as well as conceptual research papers that contribute to a deeper and different understanding of the impact of digital technologies and automatization of customer relationships and experience. 

Contributions may include, but are not limited to:
-    Customer behavior in technological environment,
-    Customer experience in digital worlds: journeys, emotions and information disclosure, 
-    Marketing strategy and business models: ethics, diversity and sustainability,
-    E-commerce and digital consumption,
-    Relationships in digital and social media,
-    The role of digitalization and automation in creating, expanding, and maintaining technology-based value,
-    Marketing data-driven decision-making,
-    Methods, modelling and marketing analytics– analyzing and managing digital relationships with customers.

Every accepted submission will receive a friendly experienced reviewer. After 15 minutes long author’s presentation the reviewer present comments, that are the starting point for an open-discussion. As the CID Group Seminar is a meeting of people dealing with similar topics and research areas, high-quality discussion in a friendly and supportive atmosphere is guaranteed!

Publication opportunity 

Selected papers will be conisdereder for Special Issuse of Oeconomia Copernica Journal (IF 2021 = 6.6, Q1 in Economics) that will focus on relationships in digitalized and automated world. Every paper will be the subject of Journal peer review process. More details about this Special Issue

General information about CID workshop

-    Participants are invited to submit the abstracts written in English (max 1 pages long including 3 to 5 keywords and including references); the contribution should be stated clearly, the short description of the methodology should be included and a summary of the results. All abstracts will be reviewed. If abstract is accepted, authors will be invited to develop full papers, that will be discussed at the seminar. Full papers can be work-in-progress papers but must present the research results (in case of empirical works) or comprehensive conceptualization of an phenomenon (in case of conceptual works). All submissions should report original and previously unpublished research results no matter the type of research paper you are presenting. 

-    Information on abstract technical issues: font - Times New Roman; 12pt; justified text; margins 2,5 cm; singled spaced; citing literature in the text and at the end of the manuscript: Use American Psychological Association (APA) Style; when citing in the text, the following style should be included: author’s surname, year of publication. The bibliography should be listed at the end of the abstract in alphabetical order. Full papers should follow the guidelines for authors according to Oeconomia Copernicana Journal.

Important dates:

1.    10th January 2023 - deadline for online registration to Conference and CID seminar by filling out the registration form located in Registration section and submission of abstract.
2.    20th January 2023 - notification of abstract acceptance.
3.    15th March 2023 - deadline for transfer of conference fee.
4.    15th May 2023 - deadline for paper proposals for CID seminar.
5.    1st June 2023 - distribution of friendly reviewers and papers to friendly reviewers. 
6.    29th or 30th June 2023 - CID seminar (during the conference).
7.    From 1st August to 1st October 2023 - Submission to the Special Issue of Oeconomia Copernica Journal.
Intending participants should submit the abstract to: Grzegorz Leszczyński This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Please register to the CID seminar on conference site. All conference fees and rules apply to those, who want to participate in CID seminar, as this seminar is a special, one day track of the conference. 

Organizing committee

This CID Group Seminar will be organized and co-chaired by Grzegorz Leszczyński and Piotr Gaczek from Poznań University of Economics and Business. Both are experienced in research in marketing, modern technologies and consumer behavior. Grzegorz is focused on digital technologies in B2B marketing and Piotr is interested in B2C marketing, particularly experimental economics and people's attitudes toward new technologies.

More about CID Group

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CID Group Coordinator: dr hab. inż. Dariusz Siemieniako, prof. PB, prof. ALK